Currently I’m only offering psychotherapy services to residents of the state of Georgia (USA). But in late 2023 many other states will be added.

It’s not easy seeking help. After all, sharing our deepest thoughts and feelings doesn’t come naturally to most people. My goal is to create a non-judgmental and collaborative space where you can explore what is challenging you, and most importantly, create the necessary changes that will result in a more fulfilling life. My therapeutic approach is based on your particular needs. I treat each client as a unique individual, tailoring the therapeutic approach to be the most useful to your present challenges.

Independent of your cultural background, or whether you prefer English or Spanish as a means of communication, I value your uniqueness. I bring my own multicultural background to the counseling relationship in order to create a genuine space in which you can thrive.


I’m currently accepting new clients and I accept:
-United Health Care
-Lyra Health
Payment by means of credit card is due at the time of service and will be collected at the end of each appointment for in-person sessions or electronically ahead of time for online sessions.