Psychotherapy Services

Change is Within Reach

I offer psychotherapy services to teenagers, adults, and couples to help them navigate their unique life challenges.

I’m here to help

I love helping people and I highly value their uniqueness. I strongly believe in the client’s capability to live a fulfilling life, even when occasionally feeling stuck. I have 10+ years of experience working in private practice. I specialize in depression, anxiety, relationship and cultural/ethnic issues. I’m fluent in English and Spanish.

Couples Therapy

Sessions are conducted in person or via encrypted video-conferencing software

Couples Therapy

Individual Psychotherapy

For clients living in Georgia, US


About Me

Your Hi! I’m Leandro. I am a lifelong student and a citizen of the world. I studied Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics until I settled on the field of Psychology. I’m fascinated with the struggles and possibilities of human experience. I enjoy travelling and learning about cultures and languages.
I’m a board-certified psychotherapist, mental health advocate, dad, husband, and pickleball/tennis/soccer enthusiast! Through my training and my own experiences growing up, I’ve come to understand human struggles and I have dedicated years of studying to help others. I humbly hope that I’m given the opportunity of helping you!